SEATTLE — WE Communications and ROKK Solutions are rolling out a joint offering, called WE ROKK AI, designed to help organizations navigate AI policy.

The new offering leverages WE’s expertise in technology and ROKK’s legislative expertise to provide clients guidance around the legal and policy complexities of AI to determine how the technology best fits into their operations.

“Artificial intelligence is reshaping the way we live, work and interact with information. As the technology advances, no industry will avoid its still unknown benefits and risks — or be immune to the policies that govern them,” said ROKK co-founder and partner Rodell Mollineau. “It’s why ROKK has partnered with the technology experts from WE Communications to help clients understand how to navigate AI policy.” 

WE ROKK AI includes five fundamental services: landscape analysis, message development, strategic communications, internal communications and crisis mitigation. Agency experts will guide companies to advocate for AI policy and communicate transparently about responsible AI use.

“It’s clear that the way forward will require a collaborative and nuanced approach,” said WE president of corporate affairs Kisja Burgess. "Recognizing the need for regulatory frameworks to safeguard public interests without stifling innovation will be key to ensuring the safe, effective and ethical use of AI.”