We asked Ozzy Farman, Weber's SVP and head of digital technology innovation, about the new (albeit unofficial) plug-in for Google Glass the firm just release. The plug-in lets users publish content to WordPress-hosted blogs with verbal commands. Here's his take:

The Super Bowl is less than two months away, and if you’re a marketer, you know that today’s communications environment requires us to think beyond the epic TV ads and demonstrate creativity on the digital front as well.

Our industry is now focused on the importance of “real-time,” which has pressured marketers, and their agencies, to concentrate on timely, socially-focused creative – which is not a bad thing. Beyond social media, we’ve also been introduced to myriad platforms and technologies that change how we should be thinking about real-time.

It’s why our innovation team created wpForGlass, a piece of software that plugs into the WordPress publishing platform and allows you to share photos and video, in real-time, from Google Glass.  If you’re a brand, journalist, or a community manager, you can now cover an event and publish it onto your blog, or newsroom, in minutes.

This matters to marketers because as wearables like Glass become smaller, less obtrusive and more widespread, the world for all of us is going to get more real and require us to rethink what “real-time” means beyond timely tweets:

·         What will it mean for reputation management when a consumer can walk into your store and seamlessly record interactions with your employees?

·         What is going to happen to real-time content when half of the Super Bowl audience is using a wearable to broadcast the game to their channels?

·         Could a brand ever buy media on a celebrity influencers’ Glass feed?

When everyone becomes a camera, and we can publish content straight from our faces, marketers will be forced to get real about “real time.”