SAN FRANCISCO — Media analytics company Zignal Labs and nonprofit PGP (The Public Good Projects), which specializes in health communications, have launched a platform to help organizations monitor coronavirus conversation.

RCAID (Rapid Collection Analysis Interpretation Dissemination) uses AI, machine learning and analysis to monitor Covid-19 conversation across traditional, social and broadcast media. The tool is designed to capture themes in real-time and provide organizations customized recommendations on managing communications that comply with CDC guidelines.

RCAID is designed  to handle the volume and velocity of coronavirus-related news, as the speed with which information is traveling is making it particularly challenging for organizations to orchestrate informational campaigns, Zignal Labs said.

Real-time data, analytics, access to public health professionals and daily insights are among the specific offerings.

“Global experts dealing with Covid-19 aren’t just grappling with treating the sick and developing a vaccine — they must urgently provide the public with the most accurate and current health information,” said Zignal Labs CEO and co-founder Adam Beaugh.

“Government agencies, healthcare institutions, pharmaceutical manufacturers and health insurers all must meet the challenge of an unprecedented spread of misinformation and disinformation as they educate the public on safe and effective strategies to minimize risk and stay healthy. Analyzing the conversational data around Covid-19 can unlock new insights and identify new methods to reach people with information that may save their lives.”