A great partner can make or break a campaign. In today's PRovoke Media Podcast episode, "Perfecting the Partnership," we talk to Coyne PR and Eggland’s Best about their long-running relationship and the strategic partnerships they've launched along the way. Together, they've been marketing the brand's eggs for more than 10 years.

To explore the strategy behind their long list of successful partner-pairings, Megan Miller, head of content partnerships at PRovoke Media, speaks with Jackie Peskin, vice president at Coyne PR, and Dave Holdsworth, vice president of marketing at Eggland’s Best. 

The agency-brand relationship has brought life to several unique partnerships including ones with Lifetime Fitness and the colorful lifestyle brand, The Home Edit. While many wouldn't have expected eggs to have much in common with an organizational brand, Peskin's research and background in nutritional studies led to the insight that reorganizing the way food is stored inside a fridge can actually help people eat healthier — something with which Eggland's Best strives to be associated.

Peskin and Holdsworth also discuss the surprising ways in which the Covid-19 pandemic affected their work, most notably making the decision to scale back Eggland’s Best advertising during the beginning of lockdowns as consumers were having difficulty finding any eggs available in their supermarkets.

The conversation concludes with Peskin speaking on the importance of the firm and the brand's roles in vetting possible partners for the value a partnership will lend to enhancing that brand’s identity. 

Topics covered: 

02:11: Coyne PR and Eggland’s Best partnership
04:52: Dave Holdsworth on how partnerships enhance business objectives
06:53: Campaigns that proved Coyne’s worth to Eggland’s Best 
09:05: Jackie Peskin expands on consumer research methods 
12:00: Eggland’s Best and the Home Edit: An unexpected partnership
21:59: Implementing new marketing strategies with legacy brands
25:45: Unpredictable marketing challenges for an egg brand
35:49: Pesking on selecting good partners and ensuring they support brand identity 
38:27: Learnings to look for post-partnership or post-campaign