Recently, Carolina Panthers’ QB Cam Newton made headlines with his insensitive comments to a female reporter covering the team. Although Newton’s response was roundly criticized, it was a sad reminder that there persists a lack of respect for the knowledge, understanding and passion that female fans and members of the media have for the game of football, not to mention other sports. This attitude can be found, to a certain extent (although more subtly and tactfully than the way Newton approached it), in football themed marketing campaigns.       
With the NFL season into its second quarter, Taylor executives Samantha Baier and Sade Ayodele offer insights on how brand marketers should be creating narratives that better speak to female fans.

In this video, you’ll learn where brands are falling short when marketing to female NFL fans (who comprise nearly 50% of the fanbase), which brands in others sports are doing it right, and the key to engaging with fans with through inspirational and aspirational creative.  “There are a lot of role models that brands can tap into to find those stories that inspire us,” says Baier. “That’s really where the heart of it is and where we see the opportunity for brands in the NFL space.”