The following was a session filmed at SXSW Interactive in Austin on March 13, 2018.
Our habits, memories and ways to cope (or not) with the pressures of life greatly impact our pscyhe from birth to age 25. In this session, we reflect on how people become vulnerable to joining an extremist cause and how we can all work more effectively to decrease the chances of this happening.  We explore the five myths of terrorism, the digital tools necessary to reach our audience in a positive manner, how the world’s media environment is evolving and what we can do, together, to combat hate and extremism by leveraging the techniques that work on the global stage.

- Bob Pearson, Vice Chair & Chief Innovation Officer, W2O
- Fred Burton, Chief Security Officer, Stratfor
- Victoria Romero, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, Next Century Corporation
- Haroon Ullah, Chief Strategy Officer, Broadcasting Board of Governors

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