Viewers of Super Bowl LIII will have to wait until game day to see which team will bring home the Lombardi trophy, but they’re already clued in about which of their favorite brands will be advertising during the big game.

Perennial and newbie advertisers have confirmed participation with teasers and ad rollouts, and one common theme viewers will take note of is messaging focused on the female audience.

“Not only are we seeing a lot of new female-centric brands join in on this year’s Super Bowl ad battle, but we’re also seeing a lot of ads starring women as the lead talent,” said Alex Stathis, Account Director at Taylor. “It’s exciting to see that brands are delivering relevant marketing campaigns with relevant talent that break the common misperception that the Super Bowl and the NFL has a male-dominated audience.”

While 50% of Super Bowl viewers are female, recent data shows that every aspect of the broadcast is holding women’s attention much better than that of men. Forbes reports that women were 26% more focused on ads versus men watching past Super Bowls.

But, Taylor’s Director of Digital Sports Samantha Baier says women aren’t just showing up for the ads. “Not only are half the Super Bowl viewers women — which equates to more than the Grammy’s, Emmy’s and Oscar’s combined — 45% of all NFL fans are women. So not only are women there for the festivities around Super Bowl, we know they’re there for the game and brands are starting to recognize that.”

In the video below, we highlight a few of the brands that have jumped into the Super Bowl advertising pool with the intent to raise awareness around female fandom and empowerment.


For the last 35 years, Taylor has been at the forefront of marketing to female fans. In 2018 alone, 50-plus women at Taylor activated sports campaigns for client partners such as P&G, Capital One, Comcast, and DraftKings, among others.

P&G’s Olay brand will appear for the first time during SB LIII. The brand will also have a presence through its “Fearless Squad” members (including Aly Raisman, Kay Adams, Sarah Michelle Gellar and more) on the ground for the game.

“I’m a big fan of Olay, having used their products for years,” said Gellar. I was also immediately drawn to the humorous and campy creative direction they wanted to take for the ad. “It’s definitely different than what most would expect coming from the brand, which is what makes it so great. I also love that they’ve chosen to make a splash at the Super Bowl, directly challenging the male-centric nature of most ads during this time by focusing on women.”