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WE Brands in Motion report: Consumers want — and need — more bravery

WE’s latest Brands in Motion report, “The Bravery Mandate,” reveals that the brands that will thrive in 2021 and beyond are the ones with the courage to take bold actions. Read on for more critical data and insights and download the report. 


Consumers demand bold purpose

Consumers are demanding with their wallets and voices that Brands take an active stance on social issues of the day.

What people are saying

Brands don’t need to tackle every societal issue in the world but, to remain relevant and successful, they need to contribute to the change people want to see in the world.
Melissa Waggener Zorkin, Global CEO and Founder, WE
Social impact has to be embedded within the organization and underpinned by a strong sense of purpose.
Greer McCracken, General Manager, Global Communications, Workplace and Wellness, Cotton On Group
What we eat, what we wear, who we associate ourselves with — all these are ultimately a reflection of our personal values and purpose, so I believe it is becoming a non-negotiable for brands to tell those stories and be transparent.
Ruth Allchurch, Managing Director, UK, WE
Senior leadership has a vital role to play in representing organisations. We know that the behaviour of company executives massively influences the perception of a brand amongst key stakeholders.
Catherine Devaney, Deputy Managing Director and Head of Health, UK, WE
As communicators, this is our chance to bring the spotlight back on our shared humanity.
Nitin Mantri, Avian WE Group CEO
If a brand isn’t living up to its purpose, employees are the first to notice. It’s critical to involve them and empower them to help.
Beth Keebler, Vice President, Consumer, WE

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