Social, digital, content -- and general industry innovation -- surfaced as topics at last week’s Global PR Summit at the St. Regis Bal Harbour in Miami, Florida.

These are 10 notable quotes on innovation that emerged on the Holmes Report’s Global PR Summit 2013, linked to their full stories.

  • “Most great ideas start as a hunch, a feeling there’s an avenue worth exploring. Ideas can stay in that hunch state for months, years, even decades. It is people and organizations that can keep those hunches alive who are the most creative and most innovative.” -- Where Good Ideas Come From author Steven Berlin JohnsonMore.

  • "In the digital age we live in right now, when you’re dealing with a social media issue and you’ve built up a community that are often highly influential — how many times after the crisis do you walk away and stop talking to them?" -- Paul Fox, Procter & Gamble external director. More.

  • “If you are not a global company now, you soon will be. That means you can’t do something in Thailand and not have it impact you in New York. We are only just beginning to realize and deal with that phenomenon. Even though 90% of our sales are in the US, our customers’ perceptions are influenced by how we behave all around the world.” -- James Cicconi, senior executive, VP external ad legislative affairs, AT&T. More.

  • “If I look at the importance of research the importance of social and digital, in theory PR and public affairs should be becoming more and more important. I think you undersell, you lack confidence in what you have to sell. All the CEOs we meet say they spend a third of their time on regulation, and PR and public affairs is the most important part of dealing with that.” -- WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell. More.

  • “Silicon Valley is all about what  are we disrupting. It took my leaving Facebook to have my son to realize the mom in Oklahoma doesn’t see Facebook in that same way.” -- Randi Zuckerberg, author of Dot Complicated and founder of Zuckerberg Media.More.

  • “Just because you’re communicating important information, you don’t have to lose your brand voice. It doesn’t mean you use hashtags and emoticons. But you can still be who you are -- and it’s considered more credible.”-- Mitzi Emrich, managing director at FTI Consulting. More.

  • “You have to really think of this from the consumer’s perspective. One of the perils is suddenly you are thinking of a company as a person. So you’re expecting a more compassionate response. The bar is raised. You’re not looking for an automated response.” -- consumer advocate and journalist Chris ElliottMore

  • “The first part of having guts is about embracing the hard truths. We weren’t cool anymore.” --  Jay Sethi, Covergirl brand manager at P&G. More.

  • “The language of the future is digital literacy.”-- Daniel Lafuente, co-founder of The LabMore.
  • “I want the ideas to come from us [versus agencies] -- I want our people thinking of creative ideas without budget...There’s a complementary point-of-view that agencies bring. Because of their broad view across a wide range of clients, they can help with new ideas and processes.” -- Temasek Holdings’ Stephen Forshaw.  More.