This series, "From Healthcare to Self-care" explores the healthy movements that have really gained momentum during this pandemic. In episode one, we explored skincare in a conversation with CeraVe on influencers, transparency & purpose This episode tackles mental health from the pharmaceutical perspective with Robert Murphy, head of external communications at Otsuka America Pharmaceutical and Kelly Dencker, EVP, Director of healthcare at Coyne PR.

We anchor the conversation in a piece published on Forbes' BrandVoice platform: These 3 Changes Can Help Us Overcome The Mental Health Pandemic by Jodi Helmer. We explore these factors and dive more deeply into the the role that communications can play with each. The discussion is in partnership with Coyne PR

Murphy's views are his own and do not necessarily reflect Otsuka America Pharmaceutical. 

Watch or listen to the full conversation below: 
01:35 What is it like working at Otsuka America Pharmaceutical?
03:41 How communications can help improve  access to care
08:17 Why mental health community outreach requires a multi-layered approach 
11:21 The role comms plays in leveraging the power of digital technology
16:41 How to create a more compassionate culture around mental health
21:55 How the language we uses can shift acceptance of mental health