Over many years of judging PR campaign awards, the metric that seems to resonate most strongly with judges is: did this campaign impact the business positively? And one of the most powerful ways to demonstrate this is via lead generation. 

Moreover, when it comes to B2B public relations, lead generation is often central to a campaign's success. We recently had a conversation with Susan O’Brien, VP of marketing and communications at Cisco's ThousandEyes and Nikki Festa O’Brien, SVP at PAN Communications, to explore why the time has come for PR to solidify its role within lead generation. In the conversation below, we talk about these five reasons:

2:41 How 2020 changed the lead-generation game
6:40 The interplay of content and SEO 
9:30 The channel-neutral world makes lead generation more accessible 
13:38 Customer stories, of course, drive sales
17:30 Lead generation is the ideal outcome of integrated communications