NEW DELHI — Comms consultancy On Purpose has struck a partnership with enterprise AI specialist Findability Sciences that aims to elevate social impact through the adoption and use of generative AI capabilities.

The alliance aims to combine On Purpose's social impact communications expertise with the AI skills of Findability Sciences, recently named one of America's most innovative companies by Fortune Magazine. Beyond data analysis, targeting and measurement, the two firms will also focus on personalised experiences and empowering participation for marginalised communities across such issues as public health, gender inequality and climate action.

Findability Sciences founder and CEO Anand Mahurkar (pictured) pointed out that technology companies need to partner with industry experts if they hope to truly harness the disruptive potential of new generative AI technologies.

"We believe in partnerships and collaborations that can bring technology, data and domain together," Mahurkar told PRovoke Media. "On Purpose brings the domain knowledge, their customers will bring eventually data and Findability Sciences brings the technology. This is going to be a lethal force in the social impact sector where three meaningful forces meet."

Potential examples include using AI to measure carbon impact and gender disparities, analysing the data to help drive narratives and boost fundraising. In addition, large language models can be deployed to support skills development in remote areas, particularly in developing countries. 

"This is something we could never have done as a comms firm on our own," said On Purpose founder and CEO Girish Balachandran. "We want to look at co-creating products that we can tailor for our clients around their needs. And be able to launch them in a way that can give clients realtime monitoring and actionable insights that will help us deliver more personalised messaging and analyse impact."

In response to the various concerns that have been raised regarding the ethical use of AI, Mahurkar reiterated that partnering with end customers ensures publically available data is not being exploited. Both firms will also provide training and education on the responsible use of AI. "Because there is so much scaremongering already, I’m hoping that having Findability Sciences involved will be a source of comfort and reassurance for clients," said Balachandran.