LONDON — Angie Moxham has set up a new PR agency, The Fourth Angel, after leaving 3 Monkeys Zeno at the end of last year.

The Fourth Angel is billed as a full-service, integrated agency that offers earned and paid PR and marcomms to organisations “looking to challenge a market or rediscover their mojo”. The agency – whose motto is 'Good. Will. Out.' – has already secured its first client without a pitch: a large project for a global technology brand, which Moxham declined to name.

Moxham, who is CEO of the new firm, told the Holmes Report: “I’m back, fighting fit, wiser and more ambitious than ever. Not to make more dosh, but to do brilliant work with brilliant brands and people who know complacency is the road to ruin. I’m blessed to not be short of offers from people who want to be part of this new exciting chapter, including ex-Monkeys and Le Fevriettes who I love, trust and rate, as well as some exciting new and former clients.”

The new team at The Fourth Angel includes associate partner Samantha Henry, a former 3 Monkeys executive who has also worked at FleishmanHillard Fishburn, along with fellow entrepreneur BJ Cunningham, the brand and marketing specialist who founded the Enlightened Tobacco Company to market 'Death Cigarettes' in the 1990s.

Moxham founded 3 Monkeys in 2003 and built it into to a £6.5m business before selling to DJE Holdings' Zeno Group, Edelman's sister agency, at the start of 2016, retaining a 10% stake. She had previously co-owned Le Fevre, which she and Joy Le Fevre sold to Media Square in 2003.

Speaking publicly for the first time about leaving 3 Monkeys Zeno, Moxham told the Holmes Report: “I managed nearly two years of a four-year earn-out, which is often par for the course for owner/founders who sell. You sell to a company who want you for what you are and therefore what you built and how you built it. But it’s of course impossible to mould or control a maverick and understandably that’s often difficult for the buyer if they’re part of a large, grown-up operation. They are a great agency and I wish them and all my ex-colleagues the very best.”

Zeno Group’s Europe MD Steve Earl, said: “Angie’s entrepreneurialism and creativity were central in nurturing 3 Monkeys and we’ll always be grateful for that. We know that Angie’s spirit and drive will be at the heart of her future success.”