SINGAPORE—Asian digital firms Omnifluence and Daylight have created a new regional marketing agency via a joint venture.

The deal merges Omnifluence's marketing practice with Daylight's Hong Kong staff to create the Daylight Partnership.

The new entity will be led by David Ko, the former Waggener-Edstrom CEO who founded Daylight last year.

Ko will also serve as acting Hong Kong GM. In Singapore, Daylight Partnership is led by Omnifluence partner and director Calvin Siew. Melvin Yuan, who founded social media consultancy Omnifluence in 2011, will serve as a non-executive director at Daylight Partnership.

Ko, Yuan and Siew all previously worked together at Waggener-Edstrom. Other executives in the new JV include Eileen Kang, creative directors Marcus Huang and Leslie Boey and digital director Nicholas Cheng.

Angelo Umali, Ko's co-founder of Daylight Hong Kong, will lead a separate joint venture to be announced at a later date. 

The deal comes after Omnifluence strengthened its marketing practice by acquiring creative agency TokTog and hiring former TSLA creative partner Marcus Huang.

“Our principal partners form a tight-knit team of individuals that have worked together for years, so our new venture already starts from a place of implicit trust and mutual respect," said Ko. "This creates a foundation for achieving results that we hope break the mold, start conversations and create buzz."

"In the marketing industry we love labels, from real-time and content marketing to social selling and contextual marketing," added Ko. "Perhaps we also need labels to describe what we do, but at the end of the day, it is modest and simple: clearly communicate memorable messages that resonate and occasionally provoke, with straightforward calls to action.”