CANBERRA--Australia is searching for a PR agency to help it reinvent its global reputation.

The country has put a two-year A$2m brief up for grabs, aimed at addressing the concern that it is seen primarily as a tourist destination, rather than a “world business partner and global citizen.”

The review follows the launch of the four-year $20m Brand Australia programme - called ‘Australia Unlimited’ - last year, after Austrade appointed advertising agency M&C Saatchi to help develop a new international brand for the country.

It is understood that several of the country’s PR agencies are to respond to the new “international promotions” brief.

According to a copy of the brief, and a reputation study carried out by the Reputation Institute, “Australia is seen as decorative but not useful.” Accordingly, the country is hoping to build awareness of Australia’s contributions to global issues such as science, technology and culture, and raise its profile as a “premium destination for investment or education.”

Priority markets for the campaign include the US, UK, Germany, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Brazil and Indonesia, targeting opinion leaders and the Australian diaspora.

Tactics will include the publication of a quarterly magazine, a digital media content programme, and local market events and initiatives.

“We are in the early stages of considering PR options for Brand Australia, and not in a position to discuss the details,” said Brand Australia project manager Emma Bailey.