BEIJING—BlueFocus has reported PR revenue growth of 67% for the first half of this year, amid strong interim numbers from the Chinese marcomms giant.

The group's PR services accounted for operating revenue of RMB1.22bn (US$198m), up 67% on the first half of 2013.

The growth comes after BlueFocus reported PR fee income of $124m in 2013, a 40% increase that saw it become the world's 16th largest PR firm.

Overall, the group's revenue and profit doubled during the first half of this year. Gross operating revenue reached US$428m, up 122.12% year-on-year, with net profit oup 119% to US$49m.

Much of the growth was powered by BlueFocus' advertising services, which increased 208% to reach US$229m in gross operating revenue.

In addition, the group began to earn overseas revenue during the first half of this year, in line with its global expansion strategy. International revenue reached $20m, accounting for nearly 5% of the group's overall earnings.

In a recent in-depth Holmes Report Profile, BlueFocus CEO Oscar Zhao laid out his plans for international growth, which is likely to involve considerable investment in technology, digital and creative services.

BlueFocus recently entered the US in earnest by acquiring 75% US design firm Fuseproject, after earling buying UK digital firm We Are Social and Hong Kong ad agency Metta Communications. BlueFocus also owns a minority stake in Huntsworth Group.

In addition, the Holmes Report recently revealed that the group had hired Holly Zheng to oversee its international expansion from San Francisco.

Zhao has publicly said that he wants to grow his group tenfold by 2022, a goal that is likely to involve plenty of international acquisition. In 2013, overall BlueFocus revenues grew 60% to $560m.