TUNIS—Burson-Marsteller has begun providing public relations support to Tunisia's Ennahdha Party, ahead of elections in the country.

The agency's work for the country's main Islamist movement will involve media outreach and PR counsel in the US, UK and other markets.

"As noted in our FARA filing, Burson-Marsteller will provide the Ennahdha Party assistance with media and stakeholder outreach to encourage support for free and fair elections in Tunisia," said a Burson spokesperson, referring to the agency's registration of the contract with the US Department of Justice.

The Ennahdha Movement is considered Tunisia's largest and best-organized political movement. The party is one of two front-runners to win next month's parliamentary elections, after dominating the government following the country's 2011 revolution.

Ennahdha won Tunisia's first free election in 2011, but has faced criticism from opposition groups, who contend that it has disregarded the secular urban population in favour of Islamists.

Ennahdha stepped down from power at the start of this year, in order to make way for a non-partisan interim government and a new constitution. Opinion polls give the party a 30% share of the vote, around the same as its key secular rival Nida Tounes.