BOSTON — After a decade running separate agencies on different coasts, Warner Communications founder Carin Warner and her daughter, Carly Martinetti, have launched their own agency, called Notably.

Notably bills itself as an “integrated PR, digital marketing and creative agency for high-growth companies that want to scale quickly, raise serious capital, be acquired or go public.” The agency also says it is committed to delivering clients a streamlined onboarding process along with measurable results.

The move comes after Warner sold her firm, Warner Communications, in 2017 to Millwright Holdings after 20 years in business. Warner was the first acquisition by Millwright, a holding group created by Actual founder Michael Young.

Martinetti most recently was a partner and managing director at PressFriendly, a San Francisco PR firm that specializes in working with startups.

“We both share a strong passion for helping entrepreneurs and company leaders take their companies to the next level through thoughtful storytelling," Martinetti said. “The ability to craft a message that not only resonates with the press but ultimately elevates the company to a new echelon of attention is incredibly rewarding. Additionally, all of our brand credibility-building activities are amplified by the agency’s team of talented digital and creative marketers, leaving no stone unturned for opportunities to maximize messaging growth.”