LONDON — Specialist B2B agency CCgroup has launched a Deep Tech division to help firms in emerging, disruptive sectors communicate the benefits of their innovations, so giving them a better chance of achieving commercial success.

Deep tech covers a wide range of technologies and competitive sectors, from artificial intelligence to the internet of things, and from blockchain to cybersecurity, which must all articulate and communicate complex technical concepts and their potential societal value and market impact if they are to succeed.

Duncan McKean, who has been with CCgroup for nearly 11 years and started his career in the nuclear physics labs at the University of Oxford working on projects including CERN, becomes head of deep tech, with another long-term staffer, Chloe Pope, as his deputy.

McKean told PRovoke: “Deep tech is focused on companies developing what you might call enabling technologies. These are the really cool, cutting edge technologies that will, in time, fundamentally change the world. If, that is, they can get out of the lab and into the commercial world.

“We’re excited by innovative technologies and their application to solutions that make our world a better place. We believe that companies developing these technologies deserve to be seen and heard, their stories told, and their enabling power recognised.”

The agency, which was named as PRovoke’s EMEA Technology Agency of the Year last month, is already working with clients in this area, with activity including positioning, messaging, analyst and media relations, stakeholder engagement, event marketing and social media campaigns.

CCgroup’s deep tech clients include wireless and video intellectual property developer InterDigital, which is working on 5G, 6G, AR/VR and 3D video standards; and EXFO and Mobile Viewpoint, which use artificial intelligence to enable new capabilities in telecoms network assurance and mobile video broadcast respectively.

The agency also works with Netacea and AllClear ID, whose solutions for cybersecurity are employed in bot detection and financial services data protection respectively; Synchronoss (IoT), Mistertango (cryptocurrency), and ImageRights (blockchain).