FRANCE — Marc Sparrow, the former head of Hoffman Agency’s Hong Kong office, has launched Eureka Box, a virtual brand communications agency focused on delivering campaigns internationally. 

Sparrow unveils the new consultancy after leaving Hoffman and departing Hong Kong for France earlier this year. 

Eureka Box aims to help science and technology companies across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The virtual agency model brings together senior communications, marketing and design consultants from across the globe to deliver campaigns on a project basis. 

Sparrow joined Hoffman in 2017 from Golin Asia-Pacific, where he spent more than four years as executive director. Prior to Hong Kong, he worked for more than a decade in London, resulting in a specific focus on two distinct sets of clients — Asian firms looking for support in navigating mainland Europe, and European firms looking for support with marketing across Asia. 

“The agility inherent in the model, and the experience of the personnel that forms our virtual teams, will provide clients with the capabilities they’re looking for when it comes to working internationally," said Sparrow. "They get hands-on involvement from senior consultants; optimised budgets to get more done in more places; and a consistently high quality of service delivery across a range of markets."

Registered in France, Eureka Box's initial clients include a global fintech firm and an IT services business. 

“The name represents three pillars: our clients, our people and our services," added Sparrow. "Eureka Box encapsulates the clients we work for and the magic they conjure with science and technology - devices, services and discoveries that improve lives and grow profits. Eureka Box is our people and their creativity. And it’s the powerful story at the heart of a successful campaign that motivates people to act."