Brands2Life — the public relations firm founded in 2000 by Giles Fraser and Sarah Scales — turned 20 last year, marking the occasion by being named one of PRovoke Media's EMEA Agencies of Decade after establishing itself as a defining force among UK PR consultancies. Its two founders show little sign of slowing down and will both receive the SABRE Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement at our EMEA ceremony on 9 June. 

Fraser and Sarah Scales launched Brands2Life in 2000 in a tiny room in Battersea, relying on a park bench for their meeting area. Since then, the firm has transformed the horizons for UK tech PR, expanding beyond its origins to encompass industry-leading expertise in creativity, consumer marketing and digital innovation.

Along the way, of course, Brands2Life has won numerous accolades. In addition to being named one of our seven EMEA Agencies of the Decade in 2020, the firm has previously won EMEA Technology Agency of the Year in three consecutive years, Global Tech Agency of the Year twice, and UK Agency of the Year. 

Brands2Life celebrated its 20th birthday at $21 million in revenue from more than 140 staffers, but the firm has also attracted numerous plaudits for its enlightened, and fiercely independent workplace culture. This culminated in becoming a majority employee-owned business in 2020, with Fraser and Scales remaining the biggest individual shareholders.

“Giles has inspired so many of us across the industry with his vision, drive, and commitment to excellence," says Apple communications VP Stella Low. "The loyalty shown by his many clients is not only due to his extraordinary ability to understand their needs, but also because of the passion and thoughtfulness he shows for each of them. As a leader, Giles always encourages his team to reach for the stars, and to take creativity to the next level. This coupled with his compassionate and trusting style, motivates them do their best work, every day, and they love him for it. I know Giles as a humble and kind individual, and so it’s even more fitting that he should be recognized with this very special award."

"Sarah has had not only a lasting impact on the industry, but also a lasting impact on my own career," adds Farfetch communications VP Susannah Clark. "Sarah taught me about the importance of impeccable client services, being a trusted advisor and mostly, always delivering results. Sarah has a rare combination of exacting standards and deep empathy for everyone she works with – she inspired me to push to be the very best and deliver incredible work, and I always felt supported by her. The same was true of all of her client relationships.

"I think the proof of Sarah and Giles’ success is in the fact Brands2Life has incredibly long standing client relationships and just as importantly, all Brands2Lifers stay with Sarah and Giles for years and years – and in my case, even after I moved on to in-house roles, have kept in close contact since," continued Clark. 

In a UK market that often favours the latest hot shop, Fraser and Scales’ restless ambition over two decades has meant that Brands2Life remains at the forefront of industry innovation. The firm has expanded successfully to North America, has built its own global network, and continues to put its money where it matters, investing in new products, its local community and — perhaps most importantly — in its people.