KYIV — The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been “overwhelmed” by offers of support from the global communications industry, after an appeal to help disseminate accurate messages to the world’s media and avoid misinformation in the wake of the Russian attacks.

The ministry has been working with Ukrainian PR agencies, associates in London and the PRCA over the weekend to garner support from communications professionals from outside Ukraine. In the space of 48 hours, more than 150 offers of help have so far been received.

A dedicated government communications team including seconded representatives from local agencies have developed a website, including information, key messaging, visuals and official channels for information and donations, which will be kept updated as the situation evolves.

At the same time, digital PR specialist and campaigner Rob Blackie has launched a Crowdfunder to present the Russian people with independent news about Ukraine, using digital ads to bypass media censorship by the Russian government. He has appealed for help from digital PR specialists who understand the Russian landscape, as well as donations.

At the PRCA, director general Francis Ingham said: “We’ve been privileged to help co-ordinate efforts to support the Ukrainian Government in the last few days. Let’s be under no illusion, Russia is a pariah state. Its actions in Ukraine are an attack on humanity. Every corner of business and society must send the strongest possible message to Moscow.

“As an industry, we have a collective duty to fight Russian disinformation and support Ukraine. The response from PRCA members around the world has been inspiring. We’ve been inundated with pledges of support and practical assistance. Agencies have offered up entire teams to support Kyiv in the communications war. Our support for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is unwavering and will continue for as long as needed.”