CHICAGO — Golin has created a new brand, Golin Health, to handle the agency’s healthcare business.

With a new website and creative and digital assets, Golin Health was created to reflect Golin’s international healthcare capabilities and mission of making health more accessible to consumers, the agency said.

Golin Health, which encompasses what was the agency's healthcare practice, will operate under the watch of Cori McKeever, president of global healthcare. The creation of the new brand will not impact Golin agency Virgo Health, which focuses on engagement and medical education in addition to PR.

Golin’s work with the healthcare industry has generated significant annual double-digit growth in recent years, and it accounts for nearly 25% of the agency’s overall global revenue, Golin said.

“With an increasing portfolio and an impact in numerous therapeutic areas, Golin Health has released a new website and brand identity that supports its critical mission and values of working to bring health within reach for more,” said McKeever. “The new branding is rooted in Golin’s master values to discover powerful human truths that bind us, to create with bravery, and to collaborate inclusively and obsessively, but it brings a specialized focus on the important healthcare issues that matter to our clients and are backed by the expertise of our specialists.”

“Golin Health’s new brand identity and strong mission supports our culture of creating change that matters, and we are energized by the opportunities the future holds to continue to make a difference in peoples’ lives,” said Golin CEO Matt Neale. “At its core, Golin Health believes everyone should have access to the information they need to make informed healthcare decisions and is on a mission to help its clients achieve this goal.”