LONDON — Hope&Glory is partnering with Day One Agency, based in New York and Los Angeles, to create an international exchange programme so staffers at each can experience agency life in other cities.

The scheme offers selected staff from the independent agency teams up to two weeks, flights, accommodation and a travel allowance so they can shadow a peer in another city, followed by a return visit from their new agency buddy. The selected individuals will also report back to their teams on a global communications topic.

Kicking off in April 2019, the first participants are being selected through a process where the heads of the two agencies will choose from written pitches submitted by each other’s employees.

Hope&Glory co-founder and managing partner Jo Carr, who came up with the idea, said: “Following a series of conversations with everyone across the agency, a desire to have a global experience was something of a recurring theme.

“We wanted to be able to give people the opportunity to scratch that itch and work out whether heading overseas in the future was something they might genuinely want to do. This scheme will allow our team to get out and experience life in another media culture and hopefully pick up a few tricks from our partner agencies.”

Carr added: “We’ve initially launched the scheme with Day One as it shares a lot of our values and ethos, as well as having a similar client base and approach to the work, being creatively-led consumer brand shops.”

Josh Rosenberg, co-founder and CEO of Day One Agency, said: “Curiosity is key to creativity and to the Day One culture so we are thrilled to partner with Hope&Glory, an agency we’ve admired, to create this enriching exchange program that will foster the curiosity and creativity of both our teams.”