Leading brand communicators from Airbnb, Swiftkey and Rocket Internet will lead a panel that explores how the new generation of startup businesses are reshaping the traditional engagement model, at the In2 Innovation Summit London on 20 May. Airbnb brand evangelist Chris Lukezic, one of the company's first employees in 2009, has overseen the company's communications in EMEA since 2011, prior to which he was US director of communications. He is joined on the 'Tomorrow's Brands' panel by Ruth Barnett, the former Sky News correspondent who is now VP of global communications at Swiftkey, the UK company that was recently named London's hottest startup by Wired Magazine. Also featuring in the discussion will be Andreas Winiarski, global head of PR at Rocket Internet, the €3bn German startup incubator that is led by the Samwer brothers. The panel discussion, moderated by the Holmes Report, will focus on how startups are redefining engagement and interaction with consumers and other stakeholders. Many, for example, see little distinction between conventional definitions of ‘marketing’ and ‘communications’, and the most successful have built their brands by placing their customers at the heart of their proposition. The panel will explore these themes in detail, focusing on what marketers and PR people can learn from the next generation of brands. The In2 Summit is taking place at Kings Place London from 10.45am to 4pm on 20 May, including the In2 SABRE Awards EMEA ceremony at lunchtime. You can register for tickets, priced at £100, here. That evening, the Diamond/Gold SABRE Awards EMEA dinner will take place at the Roundhouse London.