PARIS — Jin has won new briefs to develop digital influence strategies for Samsung televisions and smart lighting company Philips Hue.

The Paris-based consultancy will be working with the two technology companies on their digital influence strategies in France, including PR, social media and digital marketing services to support them in the management of their “e-reputation”, as well as executive profiling.

For Samsung, the agency is supporting their new QLED range of TVs with an influencer program, featuring French football player Amandine Chantal Henry (pictured, centre), handball player Luc Abalo (right) and former rugby union player and sports presenter Vincent Clerc (left).

The agency is also supporting Philips Hue with an influencer program with a series of events to  present and demonstrate its smart lighting products to journalists, micro-influencers and consumers, across lifestyle, gaming, photography and food categories. Jin will also support with media buying, SEO and social media editorial and activation.

Jin has also recently won the influencer marketing and social media account for French baby product tech company Beaba, covering France, the UK and Germany, with Spain to be added in 2020. The activities will cover themes including nutrition, holidays, sleep and early learning, each focused on a Beaba product, such as the Babycook kitchen appliance.

The agency, which has 70 staff across its offices in London, Paris, Berlin, Hamburg and New York, said the new clients came on board as a result of Jin’s recent shift to a new model that includes developing new communications technology in its own start-up studio, as well as PR.

CEO and co-founder Edouard Fillias said: “Relationships are today's gold in our chaotic, unpredictable environment. To build these relationships between brands and customers, we are combining the best of human and tech by developing the first in-house startup studio for a PR agency, dedicated to building communication solutions to augment our customer’s PR.”

Jin’s first two start-up products are media, social media and content monitoring assistant Plugr, which can also identify the right influencers for a brand and support crisis preparedness, and Pitchboy, a virtual reality customer service training tool that is already being used by the likes of HSBC, Orange, AXA and Christian Dior Parfums.

Early next year, the agency plans to release public affairs AI tool Winston, followed by Pitchboy Media Training later in 2020.