LONDON—Lord Bell is planning to publish a memoir of the years he spent working at Saatchi & Saatchi and advising former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Bell, who advised Thatcher for much of her tenure as Prime Minister, confirmed that the book is "virtually finished". The book, which marks Bell's first memoir, is expected to be published by Bloomsbury in October of this year.

Titled 'Right or Wrong', after the Ayn Rand quote, the memoir is the result of 12 months of interviews with David Hopper and Charles Vallance, the duo behind last year's 'Branded Gentry', which included a chapter on Bell.

"They persuaded me to do a bigger piece and in the end I succumbed," the Bell Pottinger Private chairman told the Holmes Report. "It’s a story about a very successful ad agency and my experiences there, and a story of a fantastically successful Prime Minister and my experiences with her."

Bell helped to found ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi in 1970, becoming chairman and managing director before leaving in 1985. In addition to the Saatchi and Thatcher years, the book will also cover Bell's dealings with such figures as Ronald Reagan and F.W. de Klerk, and his experiences of the miners' strike, the poll tax riots, and the end of apartheid.

The Conservative peer is also expected to offer his views on geopolitics today and the upcoming UK election.

He noted that the memoir would not be a "kiss and tell book," but confirmed that it has been "very heavily vetted and checked, both for fact and for libel."

"I’ve done my best to be as flattering as I can about all the people involved," said Bell. "I hope it’s a funny read — that’s what it’s meant to be." 

He added that people could perhaps learn from his experiences at Saatchi & Saatchi, an agency he described as a "phenomenon."

"It won’t ever be replaced as the most successful ad agency this country has ever seen," he pointed out. "It’s worth writing about so other people can see how it was done."

"It will tell a story and it might be interesting, but there is nothing explosive, nothing particularly new."

Bell is often viewed as a controversial figure by sections of the UK media, and has previously noted that the PR industry remains a "lightning rod for mistrust."

An unauthorised biography of Bell — 'The Ultimate Spin Doctor' — was published in 1997 by Mark Hollingsworth.