Former Tradeshift PR manager Max Tatton-Brown has launched his own communications consultancy, which he hopes will help companies become "more fit for purpose" amid shifting patterns of attention. The firm, called Augur, will bring a particular focus to the world of B2B technology. Prior to serving as Tradeshift's EU comms head, Tatton-Brown worked at EML Wildfire for almost three years. "Having most recently come from managing comms at Tradeshift, I'm most interested in the kinds of unsexy, B2B companies that really power things behind the scenes," Tatton-Brown told the Holmes Report. "Unsung heroes." Augur launches with five technology clients, although Tatton-Brown declined to reveal their names, instead noting that some are backed by investors Passion and Notion. He also pointed out that the "much maligned" state of the PR industry requires a more thoughtful, credible approach to communication. "Good PR is not about a social media strategy, growth hacking and content marketing," said Tatton-Brown. "It’s about looking at how you can become a better company, more fit for purpose within the ecosystem around you."

"Shifting patterns of attention have left many agencies fielding foghorns in a world now thriving in conversation," he added. "They besiege anyone with audience, trying to bully their way into the news and, even with non-stories from lifeless brands, some have become very effective at it."

Augur, he said, will help companies listen more closely and earn their customers' attention. "If you want real people to speak highly of you, you have to look at how your company can treat them better, listen to them more closely and learn from them faster."