SAN FRANCISCO — Millwright Holdings, an agency holding group led by Actual founder Michael Young, has added its third firm with the acquisition of Bolt Enterprises.

Bolt, an 18-person PR and digital marketing agency, bolsters Millwright’s expertise in consumer and lifestyle PR, strategy and influencer marketing. The group’s other two agencies, Actual and Warner Communications, specialize in tech and B2B clients respectively. Millwright bought Warner in 2017.

The acquisition also expands the holding group’s reach into new markets including Dallas, Pittsburgh, Raleigh and Southern California’s Orange County.

Caroline Callaway, Bolt’s president and founder, will retain her position. Jo-Anne Coombes will continue in her role as VP.

“We searched far and wide for a lifestyle agency that truly understands the consumer mindset and also brings an intense focus on creative, revenue-generating media strategies that drive businesses and brands forward,” said Young, Millwright’s president and CEO. “The addition of Bolt will enable us to work with consumer-focused brands across a wide range of industries. I am thrilled to welcome the Bolt team to our portfolio.”