NEW YORK — Jennifer Risi has launched her own communications agency after stepping down from an eight-year career at Ogilvy.

Called The Sway Effect, the  new firm is named for the impact Risi hopes it will have on the communications industry, as well as brands and public perception, she said. The agency and its business model are built to foster alliances, as well as diversity and inclusion.

“I am trying to create a unique way of working that I think our industry needs, focusing on collaboration and partnership,” said Risi, who was head of Ogilvy's global communications when she left the firm in May.

In addition to launching The Sway Effect, Risi is creating a network of agencies with a range of expertise beyond PR and comms, to address broader client needs.

Sway is launching with six partners: women’s networking platform bSmart; creative agency GoDo Discovery; social impact firm Good Scout; brand positioning company Markson IdeaCraft; digital and influencer marketing agency Reilly Connect; and Rogue Sunday, which specializes in editorial and content creation.

The agency is launching with three clients, two of which can be named: The World Travel and Tourism Council and Mexico’s Mazatlan tourism promotion.

Risi said The Sway Effect will also take a non-traditional approach in the way it handles communications for its clients, including working with brands to integrate diversity and inclusion into all aspects of their business.

"Bigger used to be better. I don't think it is anymore," Risi said. "You have to be agile and move with the times and sway. What I am hoping Sway will do is address the solutions."