Opera Software has brought on Bay Area-based boutique Engage  to lead its North American B2B PR as it looks to make its cloud-based mobile video optimizer more widely adopted by US-based wireless operators.

Engage PR initially worked with SkyFire that built mobile browser technology that smooths out multimedia over 3G and 4G networks. Then in 2013, Opera bought Skyfire and Engage PR continued on with the company.

"They successfully helped position Skyfire as a B2B, operator-focused company from a consumer/app brand, and their analyst and media relations are first-rate,” says Jay Hinman, head of B2B marketing, Opera Software.

Engage’s remit includes media and analyst relations; award submissions; byline creation and press releases. Hinman says he hopes the PR initiatives drive thought leadership with North American media and analysts who also reach a global audience and who can help Opera extend its leadership in other countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

As part of Engage’s focus on Skyfire's products and on Opera's other products that pre-date the Skyfire acquisition, Hinman would like to see Opera perceived as a thought leader and a technology leader, in particular “when it comes to solutions to tackle the problem of video delivery to mobile devices as well as means to enhance revenues and grow customer bases.”

Engage PR is a 14-person shop with about $1.5 million in revenues run by Jeannette Bitz. Opera’s B2C PR is still handled by Ruder Finn.