The Horn Group has been called in to handle PR in North America for the social media activation platform Postano.

Postano is publicly-traded TigerLogic’s flagship product that lets brands tell stories through fan-generated content. The Portland, Oregon-based company finds and curates social fan content and publishes that content as visualizations across web, mobile and live screen displays for a wide range of clients that include Microsoft, Google, Jack in the Box, Nike, Evernote and Nine West.

[caption id="attachment_2591" align="alignright" width="150"]Scott Huber Scott Huber[/caption]

Scott Huber, marketing director at Postano, told the Holmes Report the company recently completed a messaging rehaul that involved the Horn Group talking to CEOs and other executives, as well as bringing in a Forrester analyst to advise on the messaging.

He calls platforms, like Spredfast, Postano's “aspirational” competition. But unlike more involved platforms that have listening, publishing and scoring capabilities — Postano “exists for brands to celebrate fan engagement and display that at events.”

Horn is also involved in traditional media relations and coming up with new ways for Postano to engage with audiences, like word-of-mouth and events. Postano has a separate agency handling social media.

“It’s about communications first and how they achieve that second,” Huber says.