BERGEN OP ZOOM, NETHERLANDS — Shaun Wootton has resurfaced at Dutch firm EMG after shutting down his UK firm Otto Communications last year.

Wootton joins EMG, ranked 201st in our Global Top 250 last year, as senior consultant. 
Otto Communications ceased operations after more than four years in business, resulting in key client Acer moving to Agent 42 in the UK.

Wootton will initially remain based in the UK, focusing on EMG's global corporate communications capabilities in the Netherlands and China. "I have known and respected Shaun for many years, working closely with him on many occasions," said EMG CEO Greg Farrett. His international outlook and experience in corporate communications are a perfect match to EMG."

Wootton launched Otto after spending eight years with WE Communications. In 2006, he established WE's Southeast Asia presence in Singapore, before returning to Europe as France GM in 2009 and then spending 18 months in charge of the UK.

"I wanted to return to my industrial communications roots and be closer to the source of invention and scientific breakthroughs," said Wootton. "I was also keen to join a European-headquartered agency with an implicit understanding of how to construct and execute effective regional and global campaigns and content in multiple languages."