LONDON —Independent B2B agency Spreckley has launched a Startup Growth Hub, an integrated suite of marketing and PR services to support start-up founders to reach the next level of growth.

The Spreckley Startup Growth Hub is made up of a team of specialist agencies who have worked with scaling businesses at levels from pre-seed angel investment to series funding.

Among the services being offered to startups are marketing and brand strategy, SEO, campaign management, lead generation, website development, design, branding, content creation and marketing, video and audio production, social media strategy and management, media training, growth marketing, media relations, PR and messaging.

Spreckley director Roxanne Kingsman will lead the hub, alongside creative director Adam Hartley and new business director Anum Davis. Kingsman said the hub was developed “to solve the problem that every founder faces looking for PR or marketing support: confusion over where to go, what to start with, and how much to spend on what.”

She said: “Sourcing and managing multiple agencies or freelancers takes time that founders don’t have. Our agile and direct approach gives founders a knowledgeable, transparent, collaborative and candid steer on where to prioritise marketing efforts, saving them time, money and stress.”

Spreckley CEO Richard Merrin added: “Founders wear many hats, but for every extra hat they need to wear, that’s less time focused on the heart of their business and what they do best. While many startups look to invest in PR and marketing agencies post-funding series, the reality is that the most impactful marketing can start at inception. Telling your story to investors and getting the first few customers onboarded to prove the concept is the first step to securing investor interest.”

The partner agencies within the growth hub include: YUnique Marketing (interim CMO services and marketing strategy); Brand Arrow (brand strategy); Beehive Media (lead generation); Violet Productions (video and audio production); Alchemy Digital (website design and build); Totally Communications (SEO strategy); Polygrafic (design); and Giraffe (social media management).

Spreckley, a member of the GlobalCom and Space Communications Alliance independent networks, recently expanded its leadership after winning a number of greentech, fintech and space clients.