HONG KONG — Chinese tech giant Tencent has rolled out a new suite of advertising solutions giving marketers the ability to reach Chinese consumers via Tencent’s platforms — including the enormously popular social app WeChat, which alone has 963m monthly users.

“We can provide unmatched access to Chinese consumers,” said Poshu Yeung, Tencent’s general manager of international business. “Many international brands have not been able to effectively advertise on the platforms Chinese audiences use most due, primarily, to a lack of access,” he said, adding that platforms like Facebook and Instagram don’t resonate in China the way they do elsewhere.

The centerpiece of the new offerings is a user-friendly advertising “hub,” which uses data and targeting capabilities to connect advertisers with the right audiences, Yeung said.  “We use cross-platform data collection to pin-point target audiences and offers precise, optimized targeting based on the marketer’s need. We’re able to provide information on demographics, environment, interests and behavior,” he said.

Ad formats and delivery are platform-dependent, he said. WeChat ads, for example, can appear as native news items. Website ads, however, can be a range of formats —banner, carousel, pre-roll video among them, he said.

Tencent has also created a US-based support team to help brands optimize the platform.

According to Tencent, Chinese consumers spend more than 55% of their time on mobile devices using Tencent apps, which, in addition to WeChat, include QQ, Qzone, Tencent Video and Tencent News.