NEW DELHI—Iconic motorcycle brand Triumph has called in Eulogy to support its launch in India.

Eulogy's Indian operation will oversee strategic communications for the British company, while also attempting to build preference for the brand across online platforms.

Triumph's India launch has been dogged by delays since being announced in 2011, culminating in the resignation of MD Ashish Joshi last year. Under new MD Vimal Sumbly, the company plans to roll out a range of models onto an Indian market that it views as a major growth opportunity.

"Eulogy’s robust experience in the lifestyle and automotive sectors ultimately  determined the agency as our preferred choice," said Sumbly. "We trust that their understanding of the brand and insight into the market will render them the perfect partner to help spearhead our launch plans in India."

Eulogy, which launched in India in 2010, has been in talks with Triumph since 2011.

"Our objective from the outset will be to establish Triumph as a leading brand in the market whilst also establishing brand recall amongst target consumers,” said Eulogy director Rohan Srinivasan.

In India, Triumph will compete with foreign players such as Harley-Davidson, BMW and Honda, along with local competitors like Bajaj, Mahindra and Royal Enfield.

An iconic British brand that went bankrupt 20 years ago, Triumph is now viewed as a manufacturing success story.