LONDON--Turkish Airlines has embarked on a review to consolidate its PR agency relationships across Europe and the Middle East.

The Holmes Report understands that Turkey’s national flag carrier is seeking to whittle down its current roster of 24 PR agencies across 12 markets in the region - including the UK, Germany, the Middle East, Benelux and Spain.

A handful of PR networks are thought to have responded to the initial RFP, which was released more than two months ago. After a delay in the process, the six-figure brief is now active and expected to proceed to pitch. The business is expected to be hubbed out of London and Istanbul.

One of Europe’s fastest-growing airlines, Turkish Airlines has upped its marketing efforts in recent times, netting such names as Kobe Bryant and Caroline Wozniacki as brand ambassadors. The airline is also a sponsor of FC Barcelona and Manchester United.

Turkish Airlines representatives did not respond to request for comment.