CAMBRIDGE, UK—ARM, the UK company whose chips power Apple's iPhone, is reviewing public relations duties. 

The Holmes Report understands that the exercise is a procurement-led review that comes five years after ARM handed PR and social media duties in the UK, US and Europe to Racepoint Global.

The process will attract considerable interest from tech PR firms, given ARM's reputation as a highly innovative technology business. The company has effectively designed the technology that lies at the heart of today's smartphones and tablets, helping it achieve five consecutive years of revenue growth.

That level of performance is expected to survive the specific challenges the company faces, including the industry shift to low-end smartphones and the entry of rival Intel into the mobile sector.

Unlike Intel, ARM has not used an 'ingredient branding' strategy to promote its products to consumers, instead focusing its marketing on its primary business customers and collaborating with a wide ecosystem of partners.

Recent years have, however, seen the company boost the profile of its CEO, a role now occupied by Simon Segars after he succeeded Warren East last year. In addition, ARM has begun to adopt a more consumer-friendly positioning, using an influencer marketing model to identify specific areas of interest — such as digital music.

Credit for the company's marketing evolution typically goes to CMO and  EVP Ian Drew, who joined the company from Intel in 2005. Marketing and communications is led by Ellie Springett, who declined to comment on this story.