In an era defined by politicization and polarization, it’s no longer possible just to watch from the sidelines. Companies and organizations are increasingly joining or getting dragged into the political fray. For many businesses, the opportunity costs of not taking a political stand are higher than the risk of speaking out. Brands that fail to acknowledge the current political turbulence or anticipate potential threats risk alienating important audiences and deeply damaging their reputations.
In this high-stakes climate, successful public relations must be politically engaged. As brand protectors, PR professionals must be ready to navigate this treacherous new territory and guide their charges safely through. Join us for a thought-provoking dialogue between Paul Holmes, founder and chair of The Holmes Group, and Michael Gordon, Chief Executive of Group Gordon, as they explore the new considerations for communicating in this hyper-politicized climate.

The webinar will take place on Thursday, November 1 @ 1pm Eastern time. You can register here. (Registration link also below)