BANGKOK — Vero and On Purpose have inked a pact to boost business opportunities between India and Southeast Asia, after becoming the first two agencies to sign the Clean Creative pledge in Asia, according to which they refuse to work with fossil fuel companies. 

The firms will aim to raise awareness that environmentally-conscious agencies can deliver immense value to brands seeking communications partners invested in sustainability.

Vero is a communications agency with presence throughout ASEAN while On Purpose is a consultancy  based in India that focuses on purpose-driven campaigns for social good.

The formation of the strategic alliance comes after the two firms identified a niche and gaps in working with environmentally-friendly companies.

“We were in discussions with a client focused on renewable energy and realised that this client needs a roster of agencies that are committed to the Clean Creative pledge. In our view, this presents an opportunity for Vero and On Purpose, and all Clean Creatives agencies,” said Brian Griffin, CEO of Vero.

The basis of the lack of signatories to the pledge, added Griffin, was the persisting misconception among PR practitioners that "signing the pledge means sacrificing opportunities with the energy sector."

"We feel that the opposite should be true. Being a Clean Creative [agency] should open far more doors with clients who truly prioritise the environment and sustainability.”

He hopes this will encourage more agencies to forsake assignments from major fossil fuel companies and lengthen the Clean Creatives agencies list.

On Purpose founder and managing director, Girish Balachandran, touched on the business potential that could be boosted with this union. “We also realised the economic opportunity between the regions of India and Southeast Asia. With our alliance, we are excited to provide our clients with access to the region's diverse consumer landscapes and help them create campaigns that resonate with local audiences.”

He added that India is about to become the most populous country in the world and “we know that Indian businesses have (a vision) to expand into Southeast Asia.”

The alliance is already on the move. They are currently in the early stages of collaboration with Clean Creatives agencies in New York, London, and South Africa to meet clients’ objectives. In addition, Griffin shared that one of the mandates from the aforementioned client is to bring more agencies in more markets into this alliance to support their campaign needs. 

“Any agency that wants to take the Clean Creatives pledge and join us should engage us in a discussion," said Griffin.