Being Human in a Tech-Enabled World is a four-part video series from PRovoke Media in partnership with AxiCom on how different aspects of life and work – as humans and communicators – have changed since we were thrust into a virtual and hybrid world and how they might change again in the future, now the power of technology has been realised.

This third episode features AxiCom’s Aaron Virola and Emily Denton, as well as executive leadership coach Michael “Coop” Cooper in conversation with PRovoke Media's EMEA editor, Maja Pawinska Sims. The trio discuss the reality of starting a job, and even a career, without meeting colleagues, and the challenges for employers of onboarding and mentoring team members, and maintaining agency culture and on-the-job learning and professional development in a remote or hybrid working model.

The first episode on The Workplace featured guests from AxiCom, Moonpig, WPP and Kantar talking about the impact on the creative industries of being forced overnight into isolation and online interactions only as Covid struck; how we have adapted to our virtual working existence in terms of work/life balance, culture, relationships and wellbeing; and what's next for the workplace as we emerge into a post-pandemic world.

The second episode on Creativity featured three creative directors, who looked at the challenges of finding creative inspiration in a virtual world; the effect of lockdown on the creative process and creativity in communications campaigns; and what creative teams might take forward into the post-pandemic world.

The final episode in the series will cover leadership.


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