It's an unusual comparison, but an accurate one. Like climate change, the creation of business value is driven by a giant web of causes and effects that need to be understood in order to make the right investments. And like the causes of climate change, the argument over marketing and PR’s contribution has been raging for decades.  

Many believe the scientific evidence. Some only believe what they think they see. Regardless, everyone wants answers.  

  • What made that happen?

  • How can we make it better? 

  • What offers the best chance of success? 

  • How much time to we need to make a difference? 

  • When should I expect things to improve? 

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In the end, the imperative also is the same: building consensus about #WhatToDoNext.

Incorporating trusted, proven math and data science, Proof is a breakthrough, augmented intelligence platform that’s fast, accurate, inexpensive, and validated by business leaders, marketers, communicators, and mathematicians alike. Proof is the first software platform to automate the matrix of algorithms that scientists use to understand our changing world and put them to work for marketers, communicators and other business leaders.

Top analyst firms call this leap forward Automated Marketing Mix Modeling. And because everyone needs some help, Proof’s expert data scientists are there, making sure that you get what you need when you need it, via one very affordable subscription. And because the math is proven, it's not just an answer to your business value — it's the answer.