It’s that time of the year again. Last year we ran a Top 10 Most Read list which was well received. So here is this year’s edition of our most-read stories in 2011. I have excluded the Global Rankings and SABRE winner stories because they attract high levels of traffic for obvious reasons. Always bear in mind, meanwhile, that older stories are always likely to accumulate more traffic than newer ones.

Our 2011 Review also includes: Top 10 Blogposts Top Five Campaigns Top 10 Quotes

Twitter Names Edelman As Its First PR Agency Difficult to think of a story that captured this year’s zeitgeist better. Broke the website once Twitter went crazy with it, which is - I suppose - a little ironic. The "short-term project" ended fairly soon after, but the buzz from this story lives long. Influence 100: Holmes Report Uncovers 100 Most Important Global In-House Comms Heads Where we identify the 100 biggest names on the client side of public relations. Everyone loves a list right? Will The GolinHarris Transformation Succeed? A serious, in-depth, analysis that should serve as a riposte to the tired trope that people don’t want to read long stories online. This story must be something like 15,000 words long. I think. I still haven’t finished reading it. Niira Radia Shuts Vaishnavi, Tata Group Shifts PR Business To Rediffusion/Edelman My personal favourite, this one had it all. Also foreshadowed the Bell Pottinger UK sting with uncanny prescience. HP Slashes Corporate PR Agency Roster Sad news for the firms involved. Great news for our pageviews. Deal with it. Boehringer Ingelheim Pitches Big-Budget Global Pharma Briefs Possibly inflated by the fact that this story attracted a frenzy of traffic from a location in that just happens to house a major pharmaceutical company with the initials B.I.… Beleaguered News Corp Calls In Edelman For PR Counsel Our scoop of the year came from a saga that simply transfixed the media world. Big crisis, hot firm, and another broken website. Next Fifteen Wins Nokia Nokia's decision to hand its multi-market PR activity to Next Fifteen was an important development for both companies. (Plus, there’s always something to be said for breaking a story in a taxi on the way to the airport.) Analysis: Sina Weibo Transforms Corporate Communication in China Perhaps Twitter read this before their redesign. Perhaps not. Either way, this story served to illustrate that internet trends in Asia are becoming hot topics. Deconstructing The Pitch: New Business In A New Era This five-part feature looked in detail at how pitching is changing and, most memorably, asked people to pick their favourite new business ‘artists’.