AMSTERDAM — MXP Ventures has made its eighth agency investment in two years, backing the launch of digital and social media agency Tailored.

The new agency has been set up by Taylor Handsley, a former director at Hey Honey and Edelman, to provide strategy, creative content, production and influencer marketing for clients looking to grow their brands across social media.

Most recently, Handley led the strategy, creative, and content teams at social-first Amsterdam agency Hey Honey, Handsley working with clients such as JBL and Crocs. She previously worked at McCann on the Bentley Motors account, and at Edelman as a founding director of the agency’s content hub, Content Solutions.

She has also worked in-house as head of content and social for Amazon’s private label fashion brands, and as a beauty editor for Refinery29 and Elle Magazine.

Handsley told PRovoke Media: “I knew from the beginning that at some point I wanted to have my own thing. I have always pushed myself to a level that a lot of people didn’t, and wanted to put out the best work possible for clients. The team at MXP Ventures and I all clicked right away – it will be a fun adventure for us to go through.

“We want to work with brands that see value in strong strategy and seeing that turn into great creative – brands who want to make cool stuff that works and see the value in social in driving brands forward, not just as an afterthought.”

Handsley is also an autistic leader and helps to mentor other neurodivergent professionals as well as educate organisations on how they can accommodate their neurodivergent employees. She said: “Autistic people in leadership positions are rare – it can be daunting to navigate the corporate world, as it’s not set up for accommodating different needs. But autistic people can thrive in the right environment – I want neurodiverse people to see me and think they can become a leader, run a team and run their own business.

“I’ve been in a lot of situations where I’ve noticed things differently and I can see things from a birds eye view to fix a problem and come up with solutions. To push that forward has been a big desire of mine, as well as having a space for and people to grow and thrive, and to give marginalized voices a platform and space – I’m very clear that my hiring practices will be getting those people on board and putting diversity at the forefront of what we do for clients and the work they are putting out.”

Tailored is MXP Ventures’ eighth investment since it was founded in 2021; the venture capital fund and agency accelerator last week announced its first opening in Africa, with the launch of employee engagement specialist Voxeon Communications.

MXP founding partner Tilo Bonow said: “We met Taylor and knew right away she had what it takes to be an MXP Founder. The clarity of her vision for Tailored, her keen eye for social trends combined with big ideas and data-driven strategies come together in a totally unique and refreshing way. Expect big things from Taylor and her team.”

The venture fund's portfolio also includes PNTR Communications in Indonesia, social change firm Better Together in Washington DC, Paris-based Entourage, a communications advisory firm focused on CEO reputation and thought leadership, Ellipse Communications, also in France, and two UK agencies: Bound to Prosper, founded by Lydia Hoye, previously the managing partner at Kazoo, and Upside PR, launched by former Flagship MD Mark Pinnes.