LONDON — Hanover has launched a new offer – Nowproof – to help CEOs and businesses survive and thrive in uncertain times.

The trademarked methodology has been developed by Hanover’s corporate comms division and its culture and brand agency, Multiple. Its aim is to support large-scale clients facing broad business challenges by aligning areas such as culture and purpose, employee advocacy and engagement, and crisis and risk management.

The offer is being led by Multiple chairman Gabbi Cahane (pictured, left) and managing partner Katy Turner (centre), alongside Hanover’s deputy managing director of corporate, Gary Cleland (right).

Cleland, who joined Hanover a year ago from BCW and was previously a journalist on the Daily Telegraph newspaper, told the Holmes Report: “It struck us that a lot of different things we were doing in our corporate team and with Gabbi and Katy would benefit from clients being able to take a step back in what they were trying to achieve.

“A lot of challenges which initially looked like they were about specific areas routed back to more fundamental big-picture challenges of developing or sustaining business success, and not feeling prepared for what might be coming down the line."

As part of the offer, the team will work with clients from the early stages of assessing and aligning their purpose and culture, through to commercial and communications strategy and delivery.

Cleland said: “We can help businesses and CEOs build resilience and get to a more robust place, by understanding who they are, ensuring that whatever they are doing is aligned and serves the purpose of the business, and then putting communications at the heart of that, internally and externally.”

He added: “Clarity of corporate purpose is the number one issue for many of the CEOs, CMOs and corporate affairs directors we work with. Often this is around a particular inflection point in a business cycle. For example: M&As; changing market conditions; reputational or regulatory challenge; new competition or leadership; change in strategy; growth decline or stagnation.

Cahane, who has run Multiple since it was set up in 2015, has 25 years’ experience of investing in, building and branding start-ups, scale-ups and global corporations and has worked with organisations such as Novartis, Deutsche Telekom, News Corp and Forbes on purpose and culture.

He said: “In these uncertain times, a ‘new normal’ has been established, which presents both significant risks and substantial rewards for business. Yet, in the enthusiasm for the focus beyond the horizon, it’s easy to lose sight of the more immediate world beneath our feet. Our methodology helps visionary leaders to not just survive the future but to thrive in it, by prioritising the present and building a purpose-driven culture.”

Turner began her career in publishing before moving to Orange, where she helped to launch products internationally. Her tech and VC experience includes Eden Ventures, VP of marketing at Videoplaza and, most recently, CMO at Tech City UK, before co-founding multiple with Cahane.

Hanover was bought by Avenir Global in April this year. The agency’s client list includes Goldman Sachs, Apple, Airbus, Microsoft, Warner Media, Sky, Lilly and Tata Steel.