LONDON — The Fourth Angel has joined forces with film production agency Planet Shine to launch a new venture, Planet Angel, a consultancy, communications and film agency that will help brands tell “people and planet positive stories”.

The Fourth Angel was founded as a full service integrated PR and communications agency by Angie Moxham in 2018 after her sale of 3 Monkeys Communications to Zeno.

Planet Shine was founded by Rachel McClelland, a filmmaker who has worked on feature films, music videos and branded content, to work on story creation and film production for brands that put the environment and nature first.

The Fourth Angel and Planet Shine have been working together for more than four years on a range of brands including B Corps Organix, Forest Holidays and The Body Shop. The two brands will continue operating as separate agencies in addition to their work via Planet Angel. 

The new venture is billed as “offering brands access to senior consultants to promote and protect their reputation on their sustainability journey, with creative, authentic story telling, aligning commercial goals with social and environmental vision.”

Moxham (pictured, right) said: “There’s a lot of good, necessary and critical work being done at the epicentre of businesses to audit, challenge and change the way companies are operating. However, there’s also been a lot of confusion and emperor’s new clothes marketing in this space in recent years – especially the ESG band wagon, which has been misappropriated by the comms industry.

“But brands are still failing to tell their stories in this space as effectively as they could and should.  Customers whether in the B2B or B2C space have a right to and want to know what companies they’re trading with are doing to do better. Planet Angel will help brands articulate an authentic and honest narrative and bring their planet positive journey to life through creative multi-channel storytelling and reputation management.”

McClelland (pictured, left) added: “Despite the planetary challenges that we collectively face, we’re at an exciting moment in our history. We have a window of opportunity in which we can protect and create a world that works for us all and that provides secure systems for all species and for future generations.

“Not only can brands align with nature, positively influencing their audiences to follow suit, but they can unlock unique opportunities for longevity and growth. And storytelling, especially through film, is the most effective way to do so."