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Covid-19 Industry Support — PR Jobs & Training Resources

Please find a range of resources designed to help jobseekers, freelancers, students and charities during the current pandemic. If you'd like to be involved in terms of providing support for any of these initiatives, or you have any further ideas as to how we can help, please let us know


Jobseekers & freelancers
  • PRovoke Media has opened up its popular global jobs board to allow freelancers and unemployed PR professionals to post their details and connect with potential opportunities. You can find candidates here. 

  • We will also promote these listings via regular emails to our entire global marketing/events readership. In addition, we are offering our editorial platform to enable those seeking work to post thought leadership content. If you would like to learn more and post your details, please contact us here

  • In Asia-Pacific — in-house communications execs that have been made unemployed by Covid-19 can benefit from six months free membership of APACD by emailing us

  • Prowly has a regularly updated list of PR firms and corporate comms departments that are still hiring.

  • The Russian brand of Global Women in PR has launched a program to support women in the communications industry. The support program includes: Individual mentoring support from association members and partners, career and psychological counseling, training from GWPR Russia partners and weekly selection of relevant vacancies from HeadHunter. Check out more information here or contact [email protected]

Training resources
  • PRCA: Free online training to furloughed staff, access to numerous online sessions including the crisis leadership session — please go here for further details

  • Volunteer trainers: PRovoke Media can connect those seeking work with the following volunteers who can provide tips and pointers, including resume review and mock interviews. For further details, or if you would like to volunteer your time to train those that need it, please contact us here

    • Bianca Ghose, chief storyteller, Wipro — CV advice, professional branding

    • Courtney Khimji, founder & CEO, Chimera Collective (Canada)

    • Maxine Ambrose Farmer, agency owner & small business mentor (UK)

    • Katie Huang Shin, President of AxiCom

    • Alex Malouf, Corporate Communications Director MEA of Schneider Electric (UAE)

    • Aglaia Ntili, Managing Director, Sustainability Knowledge Group

    • Simon Corbett, CEO of Jargon PR (UK)

    • Girish Balachandran, Managing Partner of ON PURPOSE (India)

    • Sunil Robert, Dy Head of Marketing — Products & Platforms of Tata Consultancy Services

    • Francisco Campos, Associate Director of BLJ Worldwide

  • A networking and career advisory group for students has been set up by Marian Salzman and her sister Jane Zemba. Each participant—currently numbering nearly 100—is paired with both an advisor, based on areas of interest, and a fellow networker (job-search buddy), for continued motivation and support. f you would like to join the group—as a new graduate (classes of 2018-2022 only), advisor, or session presenter—or would like more information, please email here

  • The PR Council has launched a new educational program and career portal designed for college students and 2020 graduates interested in public relations agency careers. Starting in early June, the free certificate program will offer webinars led by agency leaders covering subjects including strategic planning, applying data, social media strategy, crisis communications and medical writing among others. The program is supported by 21 agencies. Students and new grads interested in participating in the program can register here or contact [email protected] for more information.

  • Look After, UK — Pro bono work for businesses and charities dealing with or massively affected by Coronavirus. Seeking freelancers.

  • PRovoke Media is also supporting APACD's Sustainable Communications Programme in Hong Kong and other Asian markets, which creates virtual groups of students, early career comms execs and experienced mentors to help solve communications problems for charities, NGOs and social enterprises. For more details, please email APACD.

Covid-19 Industry Support Coverage

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