LONDON — Frank co-founder Andrew Bloch is to step back from day-to-day leadership of the agency next month, into a non-executive role.

The move completes the succession plan put in place by Bloch and co-founder Graham Goodkind, who set up the agency 20 years ago. Goodkind moved into the role of chairman in 2018.

The agency will continue to be led by managing partner Alex Grier, who had been running Frank side-by-side with Bloch since Goodkind stepped back.

Bloch told PRovoke Media: “Frank is in great shape and my heart will always be with the agency as it continues to flourish and thrive. I’ve always been a workaholic and I don’t sit back and reflect very often, but I do feel proud of all the amazing people who have come through the doors of Frank, and all the work we’ve achieved.”

Bloch will remain as a shareholder and will continue to advise long-standing client Lord Sugar and his companies, among other interests: “I already have a number of investments in various businesses, and plan to spend more time on these as well as getting involved in exciting new projects that I haven’t previously been able to pursue whilst working full-time at Frank,” he said.

Grier told PRovoke Media: “I’ve sat next to Andrew for a decade and since Graham stepped back we’ve divided the running of the agency between us and built up a brilliant senior team. Having gone through this process once before, we’ve learned it can be the best of both worlds, where we still have access to Andrew and Graham. The agency is in a lovely place, we’ve had some great wins, we’ve refreshed our Talkability proposition and we have a vision for the extra bits we want to add on to the agency.”

There are no plans to replace Bloch in a like-for-like capacity, but Grier said at some point post-Covid-19 the agency would be looking at further bolstering the senior team.

Goodkind added: “It was always inevitable that the time would come for the founders of Frank to step aside to provide the other seriously talented executives in the business, headed by Alex Grier, with room to flourish and to take Frank forward in their own style.

“Andrew’s contribution to Frank has been nothing short of immense and the business owes him a big debt of gratitude for his energy, passion and commitment over the past two decades. I’m sure that will continue as part of his new role too and I look forward to having him close to the business and still very much connected to it as we enter our third decade.”

In the past year, Frank has won work with clients including Burger King, Aldi, KLM and Weetabix.