Bryan Pedersen | The Innovator 25 North America 2021

Bryan Pedersen
(1980 - 2021)

Chief Innovation Officer


Seaside Heights, New Jersey 

“Bryan’s goal was to – and MSL’s continues to be – transform the discipline at its core and in his two years at the agency he perfected how we use data and a brilliant comms tech stack behind us, how we engage with stakeholders and drive discovery, and how we scale and optimize influence and its impact. He was a star and his light will always be one of the brightest." — Diana Littman, MSL US CEO

Bryan Pedersen's recognition on the Innovator 25 comes with a heavy heart. Pedersen passed away unexpectedly earlier this year, but his legacy continues via the tremendous impact he had on MSL, creating the digital tools and team that fuels the agency's work today. Pedersen built a career on disrupting traditional business models, embracing new technologies and advancing the application of data and analytics  — all of which set the tone for his career. 

As Paul Holmes said in 2020, “MSL has  developed a tech stack that surpasses that of many larger agencies,” with much of the credit going to Pedersen. As one example, Pedersen leveled and established Fluency (MSL’s proprietary influencer marketing platform) and used it to provide MSL and its clients unparalleled access to data.

He will be missed.