Jackson Jeyanayagam | The Innovator 25 North America 2022

Jackson Jeyanayagam

Hey, Hei

New York

Jackson Jeyanayagam is one of the few marketers who has made his way all the way to the top of the C-suite — a feat in itself, but amplified when you consider that, in many companies, communicators are still working to prove their value. Since early 2022, Jeyanayagam has been serving as CEO of hard beverage company Hey, Hei. A rarity for someone with a comms background? Yes. But not surprising for Jeyanayagam, who has been on this path for some time now. After two years serving as CMO of Boxed, the online wholesale retailer, Jeyanayagam in 2019 joined Clorox as VP and general manager of the direct-to-consumer business Nutranext, setting the course for more communicators taking on more far-reaching leadership roles.